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Welcome to Hit Central, the site dedicated to the support of fastpitch softball players, their parents, and their coaches. My name is Dan Hennessey. I provide individual instruction in fastpitch hitting to players in the Richmond, Virginia area. My comprehensive hitting lessons cover all of the techniques, both physical and mental, needed for success at the plate. Do you want these for your daughter?

Fundamental physical techniques:
  • How to use the body to power the ball
  • How to get the bat to the contact point quickly, with both control and power
Fundamental mental techniques
  • Basic mind control for consistent success
  • A clear understanding of confidence, how it feels, how to maintain it
  • The components of a winning attitude
  • How to have fun
  • Dealing with fear
Reinforcement, to maintain what she learns
  • Drills and how to use them with a tee, soft toss, front toss, pitching machine
  • Handouts that allow the parent to review and reinforce the lessons during the season and beyond
Miscellaneous and advanced topics
  • All components of the short game – bunting, slapping, running
  • Safety needs – how to slide, avoid inside pitches, and select equipment
  • Fielding and throwing so well you can choose your position

Please use the navigation bar on the left to browse through this site and see what I can do for you, or simply phone me to learn what the experience might be like for your daughter and for you.